Thursday, May 12, 2016

Push Ups

These things are so challenging,
and uncles can push you so hard,
but in the end, you'll feel,

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Shane is One!

My sweet little boy... You are no longer an infant but are crawling, trying to toddle, trying to learn everything, trying to be such a big boy in such a little guy body.

I want to see you do great things with your life.
 I'm so proud of you and so thankful that I get to be your mommy!

You were tiny... Oh so tiny. 

And we were proud... oh so proud of you.

And time has flown by and you got bigger so fast.

That 1st month- You chilled a lot.

2nd month- You chilled some more. Your favorite places were on some hard flat surface: the counter, the floor, the desk...You weren't too mobile so it was pretty safe.

3rd Month - You started getting much more smiley and started loving that bumbo seat!

4th month- You really started noticing cuddly things. Sitting up was quite doable but you always leaned forward to brace yourself.

By 5 months- You tried exploring a lot more things and you started chattering a bit. Or hollering if something cuddly like a teddy bear was in front of you.

At 6 Months- You started getting up on your hands and knees, your expressions started getting so great, and you started getting really personable.

7 months- You started enjoying food a little more, You found electronics, You started pulling yourself up next to everything, and You got your first matchbox trucks.

8 Months- Your world starting getting a lot bigger, You started crawling quite a lot, You found out what fun a tricycle can be (if you are pushed!), and you really started getting attached to your stuffed animals in bed.

9 Months - You got really good at playing peek-a-boo (last picture),You know how to pose for selfies now, and as in your daddy's words "this kid loves speed!"

10 Months - You found climbing to be the best fun ever, and finally mastered that rocking chair only to have it tip you over forward into the corner! You also have spent long periods of time trying to figure out how to get the wheels off of your tricycle.

High speed pushes

11 Months- You are starting to become good friends with your uncles, You perfected your poochie lip for every single bit of sadness, You are trying lots more new foods, and that loader... Wow is it ever fun!

Can you spot my child? He is having help getting his present opened.

12 months -  You are loving, sensational, expressive, and determined. Caps on bottles, steering wheels, cabinet knobs, and anything else round get your full attention and devotion.

 And if this picture doesn't sum you up, then nothing ever will!
 We love you Shane!